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Q. How do I book a course?
A. All courses are pre-bookable, you can visit a class and pay or post a cheque (see contact page)

Q. Do I need to bring anything?
A. Yes you will need the dog!!!, lead and collar. Plus poo bags and plenty of         treats like sausages, cheese, hotdog's, chicken (cut up very small)

Q. Do I need to buy a clicker?
A. No, we supply a clicker for you to keep.

Q. What if I miss a class?
A. I am afraid we cannot refund a missed class, unless its is for females in      season. (then the dog cannot attend and we will refund those nights) or if      your dog is being neutered.

Q. Can I bring my child/children?
A. Yes we actively encourage children to take part in dog training where             possible, very young children are welcome but remember you are                    responsible for their care.

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